Neck bumps

One of the things I hate about getting my hair cut is the resulting neck bumps…

A few days after getting a haircut, I get a bunch of bumps on the back of my neck. I believe the cause of these bumps is my curly hair getting ingrown on the portion of my neck that gets shaved.

For whatever reason, I become acutely aware of these bumps, and then commence to worrying them, which just makes them red and sore.

I know I should just leave them alone, but when one spends the majority of his days sitting at a keyboard enduring seemly endless teleconferences and seas of unread e-mail, the temptation to mess with them becomes just too great.

Oh well, after a few days, the bumps will go away, and then I’ll have another month or so before the cycle starts over.

UPDATE – October 25, 2007

I have received a couple of email comments. It turns out that it is much more difficult for me to enter the comments now that I have disabled the comment function than I had originally anticipated. It is fairly easy to edit the original entry, so I am just going to add the comments under the entry here:

On October 15, 2007, Tosin Adesanya wrote:

Can you please allow people to leave comments freely on the page again…..ever since you change the styple which requires people to email you first before their comment is posted, the comment has stopped completly.

to which I respond:

Unfortunately, when the comment feature was enabled, comments were rarely posted (less than one per month) yet comment spammers flooded the server with automated comment spam daily. This amounted to thousands of “attacks” each day that severely impacted the performance of the server. Even though I was running a special filter to attempt to prevent the spam from getting posted, each day, hundreds of spam comments made it through. This required that I spend an hour or more each day managing the server to remove the spam and to update the spam filters to prevent even more malicious messages from making it onto the blog. While there are newer versions of the software that is used to run the site, I just don’t have the time to basically rebuild the entire server to again enable the posting of comments by so few readers.

On October 16, 2007, Paulo wrote:

Hi everybody,
I was reading these postings and that showed me how hard it is to fight this stuff, I thought it was a lack of know-how in brazilian dermatology joint, but it seems to be something really lousy to defeat.
My dad worked for 3 years in the forest jungle and back them he got in touch with alot medicinal herb experient ppl, he decided to try a few things that might help me, and for over a 1 month I’ve been using this soap made of a herd called aroeira soap. It’s very common here in Brazil, it’s making the bump real smaller.
I have adopted a few other habits in order to improve that soap effectiveness, now I avoid to pick off the scabs, I don’t rub my hands over the bumps, I try to wash the back of my head (I am pretty much spreading it all over my head, but I give a special attention to the back of the head, rubbing the foam for as long as I feel it is enough) even when I don’t take a shower, when I go out, I feel sweaty or even when I am at home and I feel my skin greasy (in brazil it’s quite hot throught the whole year and where I am it’s very humild), after washing my head I wipe it dry, I’ve noticed that just like my back, if I leave it wet the grease it reabsorbed, and this causes acnes and flares the bumps up.
I am still experimenting what makes it settle and shrink, I won’t rest until I get sorted out.

Good luck,




  1. expertadvice247 said

    How to Eliminate Neck Bumps?

    In order to eliminate neck bumps from the back of your head you first need to understand what hair bumps are and where they come from. This will enable you to form a successful plan of attack. Bumps that appear around the back of your neck and hairline are a direct result of ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs develop at the end of the hair shaft. They have a sharpened edge and they attempt to grow straight, however something prevents them from doing this and as a result, they curl back into the same hair follicle. This creates dreadful, ugly, and often confidence destroying neck bump, which is nothing more than an inflammatory response by your body to the infection caused by the ingrown hair. This inflammatory response or neck bump can often be visually seen as a: pustules, mini red bumps, or purple raised bumps. The infected areas are often itchy and spread quickly as a result of you starchy them causing more abrasion and opening the skin up to more bacteria and infections. This condition is often known as Pseudofolliculitis barbae.

    Things You’ll Need:

    * Time, bacteria soap, & a quality product.

    How to Eliminate Hair Bumps?
    Step One: Find a hair bump-destroying product that is extremely effective.

    Writing this article as a man, having first hand experience with severe facial razor bumps and infected ingrown hairs, I can tell you that I have tried everything, including expensive antibiotics from the doctor, Skin Tight, Tight End, and countless numbers of other razor bump solutions from CVS and Target. I even paid for specialized consultations with my dermatologist. Nothing worked. But, one day I came across a Hair Bump Destroying Solution made by Beauty 4 Ashes Christian Health & Beauty Co. that worked extremely fast on my bumps. As with all things, the best products are often the hardest to find, because they are less marketed, due to their effectiveness. But, I recommend that you find this product. Hopefully, I can save you from wasting a lot of money. Their website is
    Step Two: Keep the infected area bacteria-free. You can accomplish this by washing the infected area with a bacteria-killing soap, such as SafeGuard. As with all things, the sooner in the process you start trying to get rid of your face, aftershave, neck, bikini and razor bumps, the quicker they will be gone. The biggest mistake most people make when it comes to face, aftershave, neck, bikini and razor bumps is trying to ignore that they exist. This can prove to be a costly mistake, literally and physically, because ignoring your razor bumps with continuous shaving only allows the infected area to grow larger in size and become more infected.
    Step 3: Be Persistant!

  2. angelis0830 said

    How to Eliminate Neck Bumps?

    Do not waist your money on cortizone creams and insect bombs I probably spent over 200 dollars on these products and none of them worked. At this point Im going to try the Beauty for ashes solution for neck bumps like prescribe in the instructions on this page. The product is 40 dollars including a 15 dollar shipping cost but I am willing to try anything at this point and there is no price on getting better. I will get back to everyone and let them know how it worked ! If you have a similar case please post a comment and let me no in the mean time if you tried any treatments that worked for you. Thanks
    more » respond »

  3. charlie said

    Sulfoxyl (comes in regular or extra strength); (Benzoyl Peroxide 5% & Sulfur 2%); It has to be prescribed by your doctor; DOWNSIDE! It will bleach the color from anything that it contacts! Give it a try!

  4. scott said

    Hi. I have something that might help if you get ingrown hairs. If you are getting bumps after a hair cut then the clippers have to be soaked in a cup of alcohol for 5 minutes before you cut your hair. Also let them cut your hair just a little higher so it lays above the skin.

    Here is the solution that has helped me reduce my ingrown hairs by 80% to 90%.

    16 0z Witch hazel – pour out 5 oz

    Aspirin white tablets- put about 25 pills into bottle

    Hydrogen Peroxide – pour in about 6 – 10 teaspoons into bottle

    Alcohol – pour inbout about 6 – 10 teaspoons into bottle

    Skake it up and apply in the morning and night with cotton balls. This will clean up the area in a few weeks. Good luck. Its helping me out as we speak. e-mail if you need anything else

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